How your school can profit from Biodiversity
Net Gain using an asset you never
knew you had.

Civity helps students appreciate the future of the environment

The Environment Act 2021 is due to become law from the 30th November 2023. The relevant section of the Act is known as Biodiversity Net Gain, an approach to development and/or land management, that aims to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than before.

Schools can now use their natural assets for profit without loss of facility. Land of little agricultural or financial value now has a biodiversity value which developers need to get planning permission. We will lease the land from the school for 30 years, value it in biodiversity metrics and sell Biodiversity Credits to developers so they can meet the mandatory 10% biodiversity gain.

For more detail, go to our Landowner page.

The Advantages Of Schools

A lease agreement is a fully protected income stream for at least 30 years.

An optional Habitat Maintenance Agreement is a large additional income stream.

Rent is regular and paid on the lease signing, and the school has no risk or liability. These are borne by Civity over the lease period.

The pupils can be involved in the creation and management of wildlife habitats as part of the school’s curriculum or extra mural activities.

The leased land will continue to be an area of tranquil leisure for pupils and staff alike.

Your school would make an important contribution to the natural environment of your community - and get paid for it.

Civity works in consultation with schools and local authorities on habitat creation and maintenance of the leased land.

A Balanced Approach To The Pressures Of Population

Civity balances the needs of ever-expanding development and our disappearing wildlife habitats. We understand the pressures on both sides of the fence.

We are an ethical business fully qualified to help schools over the years:

Directors with experience in ecology, the built environment, finance and business.

A consultant who has worked with many schools, some as a governor.

A significant part of our activities includes education focusing on the importance of biodiversity for future generations.

A growing landbank that creates Biodiversity Credits for developers.

The financial and practical means to manage a project for the benefit of schools, their staff and students

Free Booklet For Developers

This free downloadable booklet is your hard copy of the way your school can earn a 30-year valuable revenue stream without loss of access.

A new income source from the land you thought had little value.

An optional Maintenance Agreement to add even more revenue.

Risk free. Civity bears the cost and liabilities of habitat protection for 30 years.

Civity support. Pupils can benefit from environmental studies supervised by Civity.


Like any landowner with unproductive land, educational establishments can benefit financially by leasing out the land for a fair rent over 30 years. There would be no loss of amenities, maintain its access and include the opportunity to expand its extramural activities into ecology. Civity will offer support and advice to help the younger generations understand the need to save the environment.

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